Monday, August 24, 2009

Strawberry function to your body

strawberry has lots of benefits in your body
i can tell you some

  1. can reduce cholesterol on your blood
  2. destroy cancer active work because strawberry contains ellagic acid
  3. reduce stroke symptomps
  4. contains anti alergic substance and anti inflammation substance
  5. concentrate of seven antioxidants more high than other vegetable and fruits
    and because this, strawberry can make you ageless
  6. have a lots of vitamin c, it good for your children
  7. little containts of sugar, cause that it can eaten by diabetics
  8. can soften your skin and make your skin look more bright
  9. Can Clean and whitened your teeth
  10. good for prevent gout
  11. strawberry astringent substance can heal diarrhea
  12. can lose your weight
  13. and other

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