Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cranberry masker for smoothing face

air pollution and random weather can make face skin easy to dull and dry. yo must kkep your skin face with natural material that rich important nutrition for skin.

and either is cranberry. this mini berry rich contains of antioxidant, anti aging and vitamin c that can prevent aging and skin cancer. enzyme inside cranberry can help to knocked out dead skin. and this acid levels can closed pore and prevent acne . cranberry can turn into face masker to keep your face skin healthy.

you can try to make your own cranberry masker at home.
Ingredients :
    • 1 bowl of cranberry
    • 1 bowl sliced apple
    • 2 tablespoon of lemonade extract
How To Make :
    • Mix All ingredients
    • Blended All until smooth
    • and applied to your face except eyes and lip
    • ignore for 30 minutes
    • rinse with clean and fresh water
    • do it routine, after some weeks your skin become healthy, clean, fresh, natural
      and young look

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