Sunday, September 20, 2009

Original Strawberry cake Recipes

this can be used for strawberry dessert too, with strawberry combined with cakes. this cake recipes is most popular from any cakes, because is so easy and simple to make this cakes. it suitable for party, birthday party, anniversary party, valentine party, or thanksgiving party. although this cake recipes is old but most of children and people like that, and its looks very nice

strawberry cakes recipe pic

Cake ingredients :
  •  225 gr wheat flour
  • 175 gr freeze plain butter, sliced little
  • 140 gr smooth sugar
  • 1 egg yolk
For Filled ingredients : 

Sprinkle ingredients :
  • 2 tablespoon sugar powder
  • some strawberry
  • tart cream 
Instruction to make :
  •  stir wheat flour and butter with your finger until become smooth grain
  • add sugar and egg yolk, stir average
  • put that dough on bowl with wheat flour on bottom covered
  • add small oil and mix it with your hand
  • make the circle shaped dough
  • then put in your refrigerator for 1 hours
  • roll until it thick become 2mm then make it shaped circle again
  • then make holes in the middle of that dough with circle moulding
  • put on flat pan, roast on oven 180'c 15-20 minutes or more
  • remove and ignore until cold
  • then fill the holes with smooth shake of butter and sugar 
  • fill again with strawberry jam
  • sprinkle with sugar powder
  • after it, you can add cream on that cakes, and you can add strawberry too
  • ready to serve 
this cake can become a dessert too

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