Sunday, September 13, 2009

Strawberry layered pudding

strawberry layered pudding pic
this pudding is another of strawberry dessert recipe that have strange taste, but so wonderful.
and its different from another pudding because it layered by two parts.

ingredients :

  • Top Layer Ingredients
    • 100 gr strawberry
    • 5 tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk
    • 3 glass of water
    • 1 sachets of agar
    • 200 gr sugar
    • strawberry juice

  • Bottom Layer Ingredients :
    • 1 sachets of agar
    • 3 glass of water
    • 7 tablespoon of  sweetened condensed milk
    • 250 gr sugar
Instruction to make :

  • for top layer
    • - blend all strawberry
    • -add milk with one glass of water
    • -prepare for pot, then put 1 sachets of agar inside
    • -add milk, water, and strawberry juice to that pot
    • -boil for some minutes and stir average
    • -then put on bowl or mould, ignore it until solidify, but first  you must put bottom layer  on bowl 
  • for bottom layer
    • -mix water and milk
    • -prepare pot, then put agar, sugar and milk, stir it well
    • -boil until boiled 
    • -then pour at bowl, ignore it 
    • - put on your refrigerator and you can add strawberry vla sauce
    • - better you can eat this with strawberry syrup

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