Monday, August 31, 2009

BlackBerry Fruit

blackberry fruit is another species of berries. it wild and grasp. can growing until 3 meter each tree,and producing soft bodies. blackberry popular to make jam and berry wine. cause blackberry as same as grapes. except their tree.

blackberry growth usually at eastern america and northern mexico, and other tropical and fresh subtropical area. blackberry harvest time is so fast and every time, because that you might to produce honey and bee, cause it flower can bloom every time.
black berry contains high vitamin a and strong antioxidant .
blackberry taste usually sour. at raw blackberry color is red, but at ripe blackberry color is black.

as same as other berries, black berry can  prevent cancer. but most of people don't like blackberry,cause blackberry taste is too sour. but if blackberry become other product like jam, wine, ice cream i think everyone like that

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