Monday, August 31, 2009

raspberries fruit

raspberry is the nicest of strawberry species, cause the taste is sweet.
raspberry usually become a syrup, jam and raisin.

raspberry contains highly antioxidant, polyphenols, like antosianin pigment.
further more it contains fiber, vitamin c, vitamin b1, vitamin b2, vitamin b3 , folate acid, and iron.
raspberry antioxidant is strong to reduce free radicals on your body, it because highly contains of ellagic acid, quercetin, gallic acid, antosianin, sianidin, pelargonidin, kaempferol, and salicylate acid. because it contains most of vitamin c and polyphenols then this fruit is in oxygen radical absorbance capacity 4900 at 100 gr category. raspberry can also reduce risk of blind at elderly

raspberry can grow on all countries, and can be harvest every time except in winter

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