Thursday, August 20, 2009

How To Make Mixed Berry Jam

at summer, thats a right time to make a jam.cause now is a harvest time
for all fruit and vegetables at yor garden. and better you must make a jam to supply
your food at fall and winter. because make a jam is best choice, cause jam is delicious and
can be various

and one more for you. make a jam is too easy and every people can do it.
you only need to be more patient and clean.
before you make a jam, you must prepare it.

How To make a mixed berry jam ( can apply for other jam )

Mixed Berry Jam pic

- Fresh Berry ( Rasberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Veryberry )
you must choice only ripe berry and fresh in condition
- Sterilized Jam Bottles (How to sterilize bottles is the way I enter the bottles into oven,the temperature at 120 celcius for 30 minutes, and you must close the bottles. after that you must dried the bottles
- Pectin and citrid acid if you needed it

- Pot
- Wood Spoon to mix

How To Make:
  • chopped all beries more tiny
  • Boil The All berries until more soften
  • put sugar
  • mix it with wood spoon every 2 minutes
  • wait until become more thick and sticky to your wood spoon
  • Put Your Jam on bottles quickly and closed immeditely to avoid
    Dust enter
  • Place in fresh place
its so easiest way to make a food suplly
enjoy it, the mixed berry jam is so delicious and healthy, and can prevent cancer

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