Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Important of Strawberry

fresh strawberry pic
Do you like strawberry? if you like, surely you the lucky people.
cause strawberry is sweet, sour, great and etc.
the most important of strawberry is to prevent cancer, to make your skin smooth,
to make your eyes sharp,to prevent free radical, and good for your health.
a lot of function
strawberry contains vitamin a, vitamin c and someof minerals, strawberry also contains
anti cancer materials. in your body can help your antibody to destroy free radical, virus,
cancer hystology. wow is very good for your health. and for woman strawbery can make your body slimmy and lose more of your weight.

but most of people don't like to eat strawberry in fruit, because strawberry is not to sweet
and mostly sour. but most of people like a product of strawberry like
strawberry cake, strawberry dessert, strawberry food, strawberry snacks, strawberry milkshake, strawberry jam and other.
and i will give you easy strawberry dessert recipes plus cake recipes
cause is delicious.
i suggestion youto eat 3 strawberry everydays to keep your health. and have a good day

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