Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Simple Strawberry Dessert Recipes : Tart Strawberry

easy strawberry dessert recipes, for quick make of strawberry dessert. you can make so quick and fast with simple recipe. but it can make wonderful taste. i think you will like it, because it have very good taste.

with cream and strawberry combination. this dessert is so yummy. here is the recipe

strawberry dessert recipes cake pic

Ingredients :

* 1 roll cake 400 gr, sliced it
* 350 gr fresh strawberry, puree it
* 100 gr sugar
* 150 ml milk
* 1 sachets of agar powder
* 500 ml thick cream, shake it
* 10 gr gelatin, mix with 50 ml hot water
* some fresh strawberry

Instruction to make :

* prepare portable pan, with 22 cm diameters
* layout sliced roll cake at pan bottom and pan side, reserve
* mix blended strawberry with sugar, milk and agar
* stir well, boil it until boiled
* remove it and chill it
* shake thick cream until solidify, mix to strawberry dough
* add gelatin, stir well
* pour that doughto pan and put in your refrigerator for 3 hours until solidify
* then add to cake
* add some fresh strawberry
* serve it

tou can make the cake yourself, this strawberry dessert recipes is one of delicious strawberry product.

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