Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fruit Pudding With Strawberry Sauce

strawberry is very good for dessert,
strawberry better taste if they are combined with other fruit especially in pudding, here i can share one of fruit pudding with strawberry sauces,

Ingredients For Main Pudding
1. 1 Sachet Gelatin With Strawberry Taste
2. 150 Mg Sugar
3. 700 Ml Water
4. 1 Can Fruit Cocktail

Ingredients For Strawberry Sauce
1. 500 gr Puree Fresh Strawberry
2. 100 gr Sugar
3. 100 Ml Water
4. 1 Teaspoon cornstarch

Instruction to make Pudding :
1. Pepare glass or transparent bowl,
2. layout cocktail and strawberry inside the glass
3. mixed strawberry gelatin, sugar and water inside pot, boil it until boiled
4. after that ignore for 10 minutes then pour at glass and chill it into refrigerator

Instruction to Make strawberry Sauce :
1. Mix Puree Strawberry with sugar , water and cornstarch
2. mix well, boil it until boiled
3. after coagulate chill it
4. flush at fruit pudding
5. you can garnish it with whipped cream, chocolate sauce or fresh strawberry

if you want variation taste, you can use another fruit taste of gelatin or chocolate gelatin

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