Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cheesy Berry With Banana

today we make cheesy berry with banana, this dessert very cheesy and sweet. this strawberry dessert recipes is very simple to make. you can make this dessert until 20 minutes.

here the ingredients :
1. one banana, crossing slice
2. 1 Pcs of cheese, rasp it
3. some of strawberry, slices it vertically but dont remove that leaf , because it useful to granish your dessert
4. sweetened condensed milk

Instruction to make this dessert :

1. prepare plate to place this dessert
2. pour rasping cheese
3. put crossing slice banana
4. pour rasping cheese again
5. put strawberry upper
6. last, you can pour sweetened condensed milk
7. chocolate pasta might enough to make this dessert more delicious
8. congratulations

you can change strawberry with other berries to make this dessert very tasty

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